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docOPDD Bone & Joints Strength Package in Roorkee

Test • Include 34 Parameters

The docOPD Bone & Joints Strength Package is a specialized blood test package that includes a range of tests to assess the strength and health of bones and joints.


  • Early detection of bone and joint problems - The docOPD Bone & Joints Strength Package can detect early signs of bone and joint problems such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Personalized treatment plan - The package can be used to create a personalized treatment plan based on individual test results.
  • Monitoring of treatment effectiveness - The package can be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and identify any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.
  • Prevention of bone and joint problems - The package can help identify potential risk factors for bone and joint problems, allowing for early intervention and prevention.


Health check-ups are recommended to detect underlying health problems
monitor existing conditions
and promote overall health and wellness. A blood test can be an important part of a health check-up as it can provide valuable information about your health status.


The docOPD Bone & Joints Strength Package is a specialized blood test package that includes a range of tests to assess the strength and health of bones and joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

The expected turnaround time for receiving the blood test reports for all packages is typically 24-48 hours. In certain tests and conditions, the process may be completed faster, and the reports may be shared on the same day.

Yes, fasting is required for all the blood test packages. It is recommended to have 8-10 hours of fasting before the test.

Yes, children can undergo blood tests with parental consent.

A trained technician from docOPD will be assigned a day before the scheduled appointment, and you will receive communication about the appointment through SMS, email, and WhatsApp. The process for collecting the sample involves a trained technician visiting your home for home collection.

No, a doctor's prescription is not necessary for any of the blood test packages.

All blood test reports obtained through docOPD are treated as confidential and will only be shared with the patient. The company employs secure IT infrastructure, and its employees do not have direct access to patients' medical records. DocOPD takes confidentiality and discretion very seriously and maintains the privacy of every medical report.

Yes, pregnant women can undergo blood tests. However, some packages may have specific tests that are not recommended during pregnancy. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before opting for any blood test package during pregnancy.

If you have a fear of needles, you can inform the technician collecting the sample about it. They may be able to help make the process more comfortable for you.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water before the blood test to stay hydrated. However, it is not necessary to drink water before the test.

It depends on the specific test or procedure being performed. In general, smoking and alcohol consumption can have an impact on the accuracy of test results and can also increase the risk of complications during certain procedures.

Yes, docopd offers free home sample collection in select cities. If home collection is not possible, they may provide information about the nearest testing center where patients can give their blood sample. However, it is best to check with docopd for any limitations, requirements, or costs associated with this service.

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