Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is started in prostate gland cells and developed in males. The primary cause is hormonal factor. It can easily spread to bladder and to other organs and bones through bloodstream. PSA blood test can diagnose or digital rectal exam by physician. Once detected it is removed partially or completely.

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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is abnormal growth of cancerous cells in the skin and developed with increased exposure to the sun, as the ultraviolet rays tend to damage the skin DNA. Blistering and sunburn are early symptoms. These abnormal cells are divided rapidly and spread. Skin cancer can be treated and cured most often.

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Testicular Cancer

Cancers that are formed in testicle tissues is testicular cancer. It alters healthy cells in testicle. Younger and middle aged men tend to get this cancer. Testicular cancer is less likely and curable and not life-threatening in most cases. Long survival is possible after detecting testicular cancer.

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Cholesterol is fat like waxy substance present in all cells within body. Some cholesterol is important to develop vitamin D, hormones and substances for food digestion. Cholesterol is made in body. Sometimes cholesterol is increased more than needed because of unhealthy diet, smoking, diabetes, higher blood pressure, lack of exercise.

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Fiber is like a gel and dissolved in water and when moved in the intestines slowly, it grabs up bile salts, dietary cholesterol, sugar, fat to send out. It lowers cholesterol levels in blood. Soluble fiber is preferred form to have and available in apples, Brussels sprouts, pears, kidney beans, etc.

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Heart Attack

Heart attack or stroke is developed because of fatty deposits formed in blood vessels. These deposits grow to obstruct flow of blood in arteries and become clot resulting in stroke. It should be treated immediately otherwise can be deadly disease. Cholesterol deposits are controlled by healthier living, food and medicine.

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