Flu (Influenza)

Flu or influenza is basically viral infection and eventually, respiratory system is attacked. It affects lungs, throat and nose. It may be at higher risk for young children and older people having other health problems, with serious complications. Sometimes it results in severe illness and even may become deadly.

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Flu Vaccination

Flu vaccination or shots help protecting against 4 different viruses of influenza. This vaccine develops antibodies to influenza by immune system and fight against influenza, if attacked. The vaccine contains antigens or dead flu virus triggering immune system. Every child is vaccinated with this after a few months after birth.

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Immunization is making a human to immune to certain viruses, infections and diseases through inoculation. Vaccines are given in different forms, like inactivated viruses, messenger RNA vaccines or live-attenuated vaccines. Immunization is attempted to children within a few after years after birth to protect from existing infections and diseases.

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Pneumonia is an inflammation in lungs, usually by infection of virus, fungi or bacteria and it results in filling air sacs with pus, which further may form as solid. It obstructs the oxygen to be passed to the bloodstreams after breathing. It is treatable with oral antibiotics.

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Pneumonia Vaccination

Pneumonia vaccination protects the human body against pneumonia bacteria. Usually, it is given for younger children below 2 years and also for older more than 65 years. Others are also vaccinated in certain situations. Risk of pneumonia is increased with smoking, though vaccinated. Usually one shot can protect a life.

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SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome spread through airborne virus. Spread of SARS is very easy to the close contacts, through small droplets of saliva when coughed during cold. At times SARs can turn life-threatening and it is also associated with Corona virus and also called as novel corona virus.

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